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How To Break Into A Sealed Container
(and cover your tracks) In 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1 – Drill Out One Rivet Or Bolt

The rivet or bolt that holds the door’s handle to the keeper bar can be drilled out using a simple household drill. The door handle stays sealed to the door, but the keeper bar, which is the true locking mechanism, is free to rotate and disengage the latches. The door can now be opened while the seal remains unmolested.

The bolt or rivet holding the door’s handle to the keeper bar is being drilled out.

The keeper bar has been disengaged from the sealed door handle.

The container door is open and yet the seal is still perfectly intact.

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Step 2 & 3 – Replace The Bolt And Paint It To Match The Door.


The door’s handle can be reaffixed to the keeper bar and even the trained eye will be hard-pressed to notice evidence of the tampering.

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