Sealock Earns Its Highest Honor Yet!

Sealock Products Placed on Department of Homeland Security’s Approved Product List

Miami, Florida – Ray Fernandez, Sealock Security Systems’ Vice President of Sales, has announced that three models of its signature Sealock Hybrid Devices have received the designation of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology and have been placed on the Department of Homeland Security’s Approved Product List. This designation satisfies the criteria set forth in Section 441(b) of the SAFETY Act, and distinguishes Sealock as a manufacturer and provider of Anti-Terrorism devices designed to protect international shipping container cargo. This places the Miami firm in impressive company. Other designees include ADT Security Systems, Northrop Grumman Space & Mission Systems Corporation, and the Raytheon Company.

The SAFETY Act provides important legal liability protections for providers of any product or service designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology. The goal of the SAFETY Act is to encourage the development and deployment of new and innovative anti-terrorism products and services by providing liability protections. After careful review by the office of the Undersecretary for Science and Technology, Sealock’s Hybrid Devices were added to the Approved Product List on June 12, 2008.

Sealock Hybrid Devices are the first and only cargo container seals to be declared a valid anti-terrorist technology. They offer a dual function of both a “seal” and a “lock”. With one of these devices in place, any tampering with the cargo container’s door locking mechanism will be immediately noticeable on inspection. Each Sealock device makes use of a seal that, once removed, cannot be replaced. The seal prevents the containers’ doors from opening, so the methods of circumventing conventional seals are entirely eliminated. Sealock was invented in 1995, and has been granted 4 U.S. patents, won numerous awards, and gained widespread industry approval. Though its original purpose was to keep thieves from removing cargo from sealed containers, Sealock has proven to be valuable in preventing terrorists from putting WMD’s into well-sealed containers entering our ports.

In an ongoing effort to provide peace of mind to importers, exporters and freight forwarders, Sealock Security Systems of Miami, Florida had earlier earned certification as a C-TPAT partner (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, the Dept. of Homeland Security’s partnership with the public). This puts Sealock alongside some of the country’s largest importers. Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, Maersk Line, and many others have also gained C-TPAT acceptance, and use Sealock products to protect their containers.

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