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When it comes to the ISO 17712 and the prevention of stealing or tampering with sealed cargo containers, Sealock Security Sytems offers the latest and most tamper evident products on the market today. As an innovator in sealed cargo container protection, Sealock has developed the tamper-indicative ISO 17712 and other lock devices designed to work in unison to thwart both overt and covert container tampering and break-ins.

Our goal by developing the unique hybrid ISO 17712 is to aid in the prevention of terrorists putting weapons of mass destruction into well-sealed containers entering our ports throughout the country. Sealock’s ISO 17712 and other seal and lock devices are recognized on the Department of Homeland Security’s Approved Products List and have also earned Sealock a C-TPAT partner certification. Sealock is proud to aid in the fight to prevent terrorism and are confident our ISO 17712 is a solution to ensuring safety and prevention of tampered cargo containers.

Check Out Sealock ISO 17712 and Other Products

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