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To our valued clients:

In the last few months, we have been actively supporting a new revolutionary security measure for ocean containers.

The Sealock is an innovative design that significantly increases ocean container & long haul truck security. By securing the lock to the door's turning bars and handle's seal clasps, the access to the interior can be double sealed and only opened by extensive cutting of the cross bar and the incorporated seal cable with professional cutting tools.

As an insurance Agency, we immediately noted the lock's application as not only a substantial increase in security, but also a definitive indication of forcible entry should the container be compromised. This is a very important fact as many insurance claims are denied due to the definitive lack of evidence showing such entry.

After making a formal presentation to our cargo underwriting syndicates, we have been successful in negotiating a minimum of 10% premium discount to all of our existing and new Cargo Insurance clients that implement the Sealock on their international and domestic shipments. This discount alone normally works out to be much higher than the actual cost of the lock. This means the lock is actually saving the shipper money right up front.

The advantages of using the Sealock are

  • Lower shipping Costs (saving on Cargo Insurance Premiums)
  • Higher security (Containers are double sealed)
  • Cargo Insurance company can not deny break in claims (Physical proof of entry)

This government tested system has already been used by many of our shippers with favorable reports of case of use and alternatively, of the difficult process involved in removing/destroying the lock. A recent business tour of South American countries has shown an immediate need and interest for the Sealock.

In our professional opinion, the Sealock is an extremely valuable commodity in today's unsafe shipping market in particular taking into account that our clients enjoy considerable savings in their overheads.

Prepared by:

Hadrian G. Tuck

Vice President

A.J. Minetto

Vice President

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