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Many companies must ship products for their business. Whether you are bringing new merchandise into the country or you are shipping it to one of your company’s other locations, having the ability to ensure your shipping container locks will keep your products secure is important. Businesses are vulnerable to expensive losses through theft or vandalism, especially during the transport of shipping containers. Fortunately, Sealock Security Systems offers today’s business owners with an effective method of making sure their shipments arrive intact.

Quality shipping container locks can help prevent break-ins during shipment. This is especially true when you choose shipping container locks that are designed to not only secure your container, but make any tampering quickly evident. With the best shipping container locks and tamper evident seals, it is now possible to ship your containers anywhere without having to worry about whether the contents will be safe and secure.

At Sealock Security Systems, we offer tamper-proof shipping container locks that simply attach to the container’s keeper bars, preventing the doors from opening. Additionally, typical container locks that are applied just to the container’s bars provide an ineffective deterrent to theft and can easily be breached by thieves, but the innovative Sealock container locks require two separate tools in order to be removed. In fact, in order to remove the lock, two cuts are necessary and tools that would be clumsy and difficult to conceal make attempting a break-in extremely risky.

As an added deterrent against theft, Sealock uses a textured, baked-on black and silver enamel powder coating on their shipping container locks. If someone cuts the bar and tries to weld it back together, the tampering would quickly be evident. It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to weld the bar back together without any evidence of tampering.

When you want the most secure shipping container locks, give Sealock Security Systems a call. You can speak with one of our experienced staff or visit our online store in order to discover the difference that Sealock shipping container locks can make. Contact us today and let us help you with all of your shipping security needs.

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