C-TPAT Bolt Seal - Tamper Evident - Bolt Seal for Freight Containers

With Anti-Spin Technology

ISO 17712:2013 w/Clause 6 Compliance & Classification

The ROTOBLOC Bolt Seal is an ISO 17712:2013 compliant High Security Bolt Seal which consists of a steel bolt and a plastic-coated steel locking chamber. The ROTOBLOC Bolt Seal is designed for ISO containers and high value shipments and is a special High Security Anti-Spin Bolt Seal.

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ROTOBLOC Bolt Seal demonstration. Flash required.

As of October 15, 2008, US Customs & Border Protection (USCBP) set up new requirements for the container seals applied to ocean containers and trailers entering the United States. The requirements are set out in the ISO 17712:2013 standardization documents, which specify four tests the seals have to comply with. The seals will be divided into three categories according to the tests: Indicative Seals, Security Seals, and High Security Seals.

As a minimum security practice, it is now mandated by USCBP as well as the Customs Trade Partnership Act Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) initiative, that all seals on containers and trailers entering the USA must be secured by High Security Bolt Seals that offer documented and verifiable proof of compliance under ISO 17712:2013 criteria by an ISO 17025 A2LA Accredited & Certified Laboratory. Below is a compilation of the ISO 17712:2013 High Security Seal requirements as well as the test results for the ROTOBLOC Anti-Spin Bolt Seal made by Sealock/Warner Industries. Testing was conducted by the ISO 17025 A2LA Accredited & Certified Laboratory, Dayton T. Brown, Inc. of Bohemia, New York, USA.

ISO/PAS 17712
(Kilogram Force)
3.336 Kn 8.896 Kn HIGH SECURITY “H”
BEND TEST (Newton Meters) 50 Nm 56.42 Nm HIGH SECURITY “H”
TENSILE TEST (Kilo Newtons) 10 Kn 21.45 Kn HIGH SECURITY “H”


Product Details:

  • ISO 17712:2013 and C-TPAT compliant
  • Locking insert spins partly to confirm seal integrity
  • The ROTOBLOC Bolt Seal is an Anti-Spin Bolt Seal with unique Anti-Spin Features.
  • High impact plastic cover on locking pin clearly indicates tampering in case of tampering by spinning.
  • Tamper evident feature of numbered lugs on the Bolt breaks in case of tampering by spinning.
  • The ROTOBLOC Bolt Seal Fits on every Container Locking Mechanism and is suitable for sealing the hoof of the container.
  • Metal Locking Pin and Metal Locking Body both encased in ABS Plastic and both serial numbered with laser.

C-TPAT Bolt Seals for containers


  • Intermodal Containers
  • Wagons
  • Trucks
  • Doors
  • Railroad Cars
  • Hatches
  • Air Cargo Containers
  • Hazmat Containers
  • Tankers


Printable Brochure & Product Specifications Sheet: ROTOBLOC Bolt Seal

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Certificate of Conformance for Freight Container Mechanical Seal Testing

Freight Container Mechanical Seal Classification Testing

Rotobloc Inspection Report & NABCB Accreditation Certificate