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ISO 17712:2013 w/Clause 6 Compliance & Classification

Continuing Sealock’s industry-leading innovation, the SU2013 takes tamper indicative container security to the next level. Combining a super tough high grade carbon steel alloy bar with a patented braided cable seal, the SU2013 makes great bend/cut resistance even greater while coming in at a lighter weight than ever.

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The Sealock Solution

Super strong products. A continuous commitment to deliver step-ahead container security solutions. At Sealock, strength simply runs in the family.

Made of 2″ wide steel that is ¼” thick, the Sealock Model SU2013 requires two cuts and two tools to remove. This need for both a power cutting tool such as an angle grinder and a cable cutter prevents break-ins by thieves who generally do not carry such sophisticated tools with them. Any tampering with the Sealock removes the seal from the container, making both the Sealock and the container itself virtually tamper proof.

The Sealock’s steel bar and bracket are covered in a baked-on enamel “powder coat” that is textured and white. An insider who might try to cut the bar and then weld it back together to hide the evidence, would face a very difficult if not impossible undertaking that would require significant time and effort. This tamper-indicative feature is exclusive to the Sealock and protected by U.S. Patent number 6,536,815. The use of a cable seal to simultaneously seal the container and lock the security bar is also exclusive to the Sealock and patent protected under U.S. Patent number 6,331,022. The seal portion may be bar-coded.

As you can see, only Sealock Model SU2013 provides a total solution. Sealock locks the container door AND seals the container door with one device. If the lock is broken, the seal is removed, so the break in is easily detected.

Product Details:

  • U-Bar constructed of high-grade carbon alloy spring steel 50CrV4 which is heat-treated & hardened to Rockwell standard HRC45. 50CrV4 is a fine grained, highly abrasion resistant carbon–chromium alloy steel. Very good shock resistance and toughness are also key properties of this alloy in the heat treated condition. Commonly employed in heavily stressed machinery parts including shafts, gears, pinions and also in hand tool components.
  • White baked on enamel finish, markings engraved in U-Bar.
  • The lock is made of aluminium alloy with surface oxidation.
  • Numbered steel braided aircraft cable with bullet tip is an integral part of the
    locking system. (U.S. Patent No. 6,331,022)
  • Braided cable frays when cut, making re-welding impossible.
  • Same numerical sequence appears on all three components for added security.
  • Lighter in weight and yet stronger than all previous models.
  • Designed to fit most Swing Door Conveyances. (20′, 40′, 45′, 48′, 53′)

C-TPAT Security Seals from Sealock

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Certificate of Conformance for Freight Container Mechanical Seal Testing