Cable Sealock C-TPAT Security Seals for Containers | Cable Sealock

Double Loops Mean Locking AND Sealing of Your Cargo Container!

ISO 17712:2013 w/Clause 6 Compliance & Classification

(Formerly Keeper Sealock)
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Double loops mean locking AND sealing: Only one seal number controls the locking function and the sealing function simultaneously, so two cuts are required. As tough to defeat as the Sealock Junior but only one component, not two, for an added measure of security. Cable Sealock is C-TPAT compliant.

Product Details:

  • Cable Sealock is 100% steel braided aircraft cable construction.
  • Braided cable frays when cut.
  • Alpha-numerically sequenced.Double loop, with 1 set of numbers for security, requires two cuts to remove.
    Lock AND seal with one low cost unit.
  • Unique design – Patent 7,063,362.

C-TPAT compliant seals for containers

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Printable PDF Brochure: Cable Sealock
En Español Folleto Imprimible en PDF Cable Sealock
Product Specifications Sheet: Cable Sealock
Certificate of Conformance for Freight Container Mechanical Seal Testing
Freight Container Mechanical Seal Classification Testing
Certificate of Compliance

Installation and Removal Instructions:

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