King Pin Lock - 1112

Cast Aluminum Alloy Lock Completely Covers The King Pin To Prevent Unauthorized Hook Ups.

ISO 17712:2013 w/Clause 6 Compliance & Classification

Portable, Easy To Install King Pin Lock – 1112 Makes Trailer Theft A Major Operation.

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Product Details:

  • The unique conical aluminum alloy casting with an ABLOY® high security locking cylinder make the ENFORCER® King Pin Lock – 1112 a formidable deterrent for quick, hook up and run trailer thieves. Very serious tools and time are required to remove it.
  • The lock uses tumblers as in a safe, keyed to open using one of 360 million combinations. Locks may be keyed alike, differently or to a master system matching additional ENFORCER® locks you have or may want to add to your system.


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Printable PDF Brochure: King Pin Lock – 1112