Sealock Junior Installation and Removal Instructions

Just as much a deterrent against clandestine break-in as its sturdier siblings but more economically priced, the Sealock Junior provides peace of mind for a fraction of the cost of heavy locking bars. Like all Sealocks, two cuts are required for removal. C-TPAT compliant.


  1. First insert the long end of the cable behind the right-hand door’s keeper bar & then behind the left-hand door’s keeper bar. (Figure 1)

  2. Wrap the cable around the left-hand door handle and then feed it back toward the right-hand keeper bar. (Figure 2)

  3. Insert the tip of the cable into the opening on the Sealock Junior lockbody and push all the way through. (Figure 3)

  4. Pull on the end of the cable until the cable is cinched tight around the two keeper bars. Pull hard and make it as tight as you can, leaving as little slack as possible. (Figure 4)

  5. Now feed the shorter end of the cable through the door handle’s seal aperture where you’d normally affix a conventional seal. (Figure 5)

  6. Snap on the seal to the end of the cable tip. Record the seal number on all shipping documents. (Figure 6)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Completely installed Sealock Junior


The Sealock Junior requires two cuts for removal with the use of a cable cutter.

  1. First cut should be accomplished on the shorter cable that threads through the right hand door latch handle. This cut eliminates the Sealing function. (Figure 7)

  2. Second cut should be accomplished on the longer cable that loops around the container’s keeper bars. This cut eliminates the Locking function. (Figure 8)

Figure 7

Figure 8

Removal completed